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~ The King of Our Pride ~
The Magnificent, often imitated
but never duplicated

TrexDolls Poseidon of Templedolls
AKA "Poe"
NC State HCM -/-
Felv/FIV negative
Test results available for viewing upon request.

Parents HCM -/-

The mama's boy:

He is a seal point mitted BIG "purr-bucket" full of in-your-face personality.  His temperament is absolutely fantastic which is passes to his babies.  This talkative boy is super floppy and easy going, nothing phases him.  He can't even be bothered to move for the vacuum if he is lying on the carpet, he figures you can just go around him.  Poe is fascinated with water.  He is all boy and acts like a dog in a cat suit.  He is happy as long as he is in the same room as the mama of the house!  He is a once in a lifetime pet.  And he's mine all mine!!

We have a love of Greek mythology in our house, which is why he is registered as "Poseidon," the Greek God of the sea.  But, I named him after my favorite poet. :) 

He is my baby and will live out his days with me.

He is my one and only stud.  So all of the TempleDolls babies are sired by him (unless I partner out with another breeder on occasion).  There may come a day when I can accommodate another male, but not at this time.  So for now, he's our big cuddly papa bear.

Poe's Bloodlines
I'm sorry... I haven't been able to get a photo of his Sire.

                                     Dam: TrexDolls Enough Tricks                               

Sire: BWBabydolls Phoenix

15 pounds at 16 months, and still growing!