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*Kitten Contract
One week prior to adopting your kitten, and upon receipt of your deposit, Templedolls will email you the *full contract to be signed, notarized, and returned to Templedolls.  Adoption of a cat/kitten cannot be completed without a full contractual agreement.  Templedolls does not discriminate against any family; however, does reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone.
                      2.  Buyer will provide all lawfully mandated inoculations.
                      3.  Buyer will provide all necessary medications for the prevention of parasites and worms.
                      4.  If other animals live in the home, those animals must also have received all lawfully mandated inoculations 
                            and be provided medications for the control/prevention of parasites and worms.
                      5.  Buyer will not give said cat/kitten the FIP, FIV, Bordetella bronchiseptica, Feline Giardia or FelV vaccine --
                            doing so results in a void of all Templedolls guarantees.
              G.   Buyer agrees not to declaw a Templedolls cat/kitten.
              H.   Buyer agrees not to allow said Templedoll cat/kitten to roam freely outside.
                    1.  Cats/kittens are allowed outside on a leash or in a secure enclosure or run.  
              I.    Any buyer planning to show or breed their kittens may only do so at the informed consent of Temple Dolls, and 
                     agree to the pertaining contractual agreements of such activities.  
              J.   Default on any owner/purchase agreement can result in Templedolls reclaiming ownership of said cat/kitten.
II.    Health Guarantee
             A.  There is a two-year health guarantee that a Templedolls Ragdoll kitten is free from genetic homozygous HCM and PKD.
             B.  All Templedolls kittens will have had age appropriate veterinary examinations and innoculations.
                 1.  Templedolls will provide these records to the buyer.
III.   Spay/Neuter Agreement
              A.  All Templedolls Ragdoll cats/kittens are required to be spayed/neutered (unless contracted with breeding rights).
IV.    Temperament Guarantee
              A.  Templedolls Ragdoll kittens will posess the quintessential Ragdoll temperment traits.
              B.  Templedolls kittens are litter box trained, weaned from their mother, and able to eat dry cat food.
V.      Proposed Sale or Release by the Buyer
              A.  The buyer agrees not to sell any Templedolls Ragdoll cat/kitten under any circumstances.
              B.  If the buyer can no longer care for the cat/kitten, it must be returned to Templedolls.
                    1.  Any refund would be negotiated on a case by case basis.
VI.     Breeders and Breeding Agreement
               A.  Any buyer purchasing a Templedolls Ragdoll cat/kitten for purposes of breeding must sign and abide by this as 
                     well as the breeders section of the contract.
              B.  Buyer agrees not to breed any Templedolls Ragdoll cat/kitten without the purchase and agreement of breeding 
                    rights through Templedolls.
              C.  Breeding rights will only be sold to established and registered catteries on a case by case basis.
              D.  Breeders must register cat/kitten through CFA and/or TICA within 4 weeks of receiving registration papers.
VII.  Show Cats
             A.  Buyer agrees to register said cat/kitten with CFA and/or TICA as a Templedolls cat.
             B.  Buyer agrees to inform Templedolls of any wins in show.
                   1.  Buyer will provide a picture and description of the win and show.
                   2.  Templedolls reserves the right to proudly display winning show cats/kittens on the Templedolls website.
VIII. Returns
               A.  Templedolls will accept the return of any kitten with a full refund within 30 days of purchase under certain 
                     1.  Templedolls reserves the right to refuse refunds in cases of communicable disease, accident, or injury.
              B.  Templedolls will refund a kitten proven to have a chronic health problem (resulting in something it picked up at
                     the Temple Dolls cattery) within the first 30 days of purchase.
                     1.   A veterinary report is required.
                     1.  The buyer will be placed first in queue for a replacement kitten.
              C.  Templedolls will refund or replace a kitten if any Templedolls guarantee is not met.
              D.  Templedolls reserves the right to retain the $250 kitten deposit on any return of a cat/kitten.
IX.    Automatic Void of Guarantees
              A.  Default on any owner/purchase agreement.
              B.  Default on any spay/neuter agreement.
              C.  Default on any breeding agreement.
              D.  Default on any show agreement.
              E.  Failure to abide by any Templedolls contractual agreement may result in the surrendering of said cat/kitten
                    to Templedolls without the possiblity of financial restitution to the buyer.
                    1.  Shipment of cat/kitten back to Templedolls will be at the expense of the buyer.
X.      Children in the Home
             A. All necessary precautions must be made to ensure the safety of the children living in the home with a Templedolls 
             ragdoll cat/kitten.
I.      Purchase and Ownership Agreements
            A.  Buyer agrees to protect the welfare of and will not  
                   abuse or neglect said Templedolls Ragdoll 
                   cat/kitten in any way.
           B.   Kitten deposits are applied to the purchase price 
                  and are non-refundable if a sale is not completed. 
                  1.  Paying off the purchase price through paypal
                        will generate a 5% increase of the balance to
                        cover paypal's fees (5% is not added to the
                        initial $250 deposit, only to any remaining
                        balance paid through paypal).
                  2.  Payments can be made by cash/check/money
                        order  with no additional fee.  
                  3.  Balance must be paid in full by the scheduled 
                        release date of the kitten; and all funds must have 
                        cleared 7 days prior to the release date of said 
           C.   Buyer will not give, sell, or lease said cat/kitten to 
                  any animal shelter, laboratory, research facility, 
                  cattery, pet store, or other commercial/non- 
                  commercial enterprise. 
                  1.  If the buyer can no longer care for said 
                       cat/kitten Templedolls must be contacted 
                       immediately as the first option to assist in 
           D.   Buyer will bring cat/kitten to a veterinary well-check
                   within 72 hours of receipt of the kitten -- at the 
                  buyer's expense.
           E.   Buyer will support litter box training by providing 
                  an accessible litter box (in size and location), and 
                  showing the kitten where the box is numerous 
                  times a day.
           F.   Buyer agrees to provide veterinary care at his/her 
                  own expense.
                    1.  Adult Templedolls Ragdolls will be provided a 
                         veterinary well-check every 12 months which 
                         includes a dental exam.
Ragoll kittens colorado, kitten purchase contract
* Small changes are often added to the contract as we continue to learn and grow.  The full contract for your kitten will be sent to you over email.  The contract on this page outlines the majority of our detailed kitten contract, which is provided only to our adoptive families. This detailed contract was created to protect our precious ragdolls, their adoptive families, and Templedolls Ragdoll Cats of Colorado, LLC.
A daughter of Lotus and Poe.