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The Nursery
AVAILABLE KITTEN INFORMATION (We keep our website up to date): We have babies available for adoption with December and January homecomings. Early planning is highly recommended for a holiday adoption. Join our FaceBook community page for pictures/videos/live updates on our dollies, and follow us there.
Kitten Deposit
As a matter of professional/personal boundary, we do not allow for home visits. We DO offer video calls so you can see the kittens and their environment, and we will also meet with you (during our adoption day) when you choose your kitten in person. Kittens adopted outside of in-person adoption day events, will select their kitten over video call. :)
All Temple Dolls kittens are well-bred, well-fed, and mindfully raised underfoot with 100% organic pure love!  
It is a very inconvenient habit of kittens (Alice had once made the remark) that whatever you say to them, they always purr. 
~ Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass
Temple Dolls Ragdoll Cats of Colorado, LLC
Our reservation list tends to fill up quickly.  If we don't have what you're looking for, we give great referrals!  Shop your breeder!!
Reservations on the waitlist. Now accepting deposits for our 2018 dollies.
 REMEMBER! TempleDolls always has 1st pick of any litter:   

1. Ashley T. Dec. '18 baby
2. Stefani L. Dec '18 baby
3. Stefani L. spring '19 baby
4. Kimberly G.  Dec.'18 baby
5. Kimberly G. #2!  '19 baby
6. Jamie C.   2019 baby #3!
7. Madeline S.  Dec. '18 #2!
8. Amber P.   2019 baby
TempleDolls is a small hobby facility.  Our kittens go through an extensive and mindful socialization process that begins the day they are born.  Our small size gives us the opportunity to focus on the healthy physical and social development of each kitten in our home.  Our kittens are rare and we congratulate those who are lucky enough to have one of these precious gems in their home!! We keep our website up to date.  Do your homework and shop your breeder!
"Here is a baby with eyes of blue, straight from heaven just for you."
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Nova's first litter with Templedolls.
Deposits are non-refundable.  Educate yourself on our breeding and business practices. Please make sure you are committed to working with TempleDolls before making your deposit.  Impulse decisions are not recommended. Working with me usually takes time.
You will find all the live updates, photos, and videos on Facebook page. Come on over and get to know us even better!! And you'll find pics of our avail dollies there!

Please visit our "Thank You" page to read a very important message to all of our past, present, and future families!
We are currently accepting waitlist deposits for our kittens with December '18 and early '19 homecomings. Now is the time to jump on our waitlist if you'd like to plan for a Chanukah or Christmas adoption. Early planning is recommended for a holiday adoption.
Click HERE to view the current kitten calendar.
Clearly she is impressed by the paparazzi :)
A sweet and stunning seal-mitted girl out of our Ruby and Poe :)
Elsa.  Adopted!
A sweet and mellow floppy colorpoint boy out of our Lotus and Poe.  :)
I've been adopted!
I've been adopted!!
Templedolls Roan
Roan (Row-uhn, it's Gaelic for "little seal") is our amazing bicolor lynx boy out of our Selkie and Poe.  He is breeder/show quality.  
I've been adopted!
I've been adopted!
Bicolor lynx ragdoll male; available lynx ragdoll breeder; breeding quality bicolor lynx ragdoll kitten; lynx ragdoll kitten; male lynx ragdoll kitten; breeding quality ragdoll kitten
I'm sitting here in the laundry room and pantry, of my old two bedroom apartment, with the very first TempleDolls kittens (Milo and Oliver). 
Current Litter Calendar Information
(for waitlist consideration):
Kittens typically go home
between 10-14 weeks of age

Cypress and Relic
DOB: 09/22/2018
10 week mark:  12/01/18
Adoption day12/01/18  (The day before Chanukah)
There are 2 available spaces on the waitlist for this litter.
Kittens will come home in early December.
These kits will be available for Chanukah and 
Christmas homecomings.
6 kittens: 
5 lynx (2 girls 3 boys) and 1 seal mitted male (show)

We have kits due to be born in December, available for homecoming in Feb 2019.  Stay tuned for updates after they are born.

** Last updated on 11/12/2018

Stay tuned for  kitten arrival announcements!  
We will have fall bubs 
and December holiday bubs available for 
adoption.  Now is the time to jump on our wait-
list if you'd like to plan for a holiday baby.

The early 2019 litter will bring us babies from Kindred and Poe. --  as long as mother nature is gracious.  

Pay your kitten deposit here:
$250 non-refundable deposit for pet kitten.
$450 non-refundable deposit for breeding rights.
To view photos of these babies, visit our "Available Kittens" page.