NC State genetic tested:  HCM -/-
blood tested FelV/FIV negative
parents tested HCM -/-

Sophia is our very first girl, our first TempleDolls ragdoll, and beloved family member.  She is a perfect show seal-mitted tortie who is a  gorgeous and mellow girl.  Sophia's temperament is  sweet and dainty with a true feminine spirit.  
Sophia is retired and living out her fabulous ragdoll life as a furever pet with my parents.  We miss having her here with us everyday!! But good thing she's not too far away!

"Sophia" is greek for "widsom."  

Sophia's Bloodlines 

Dam:  Ragmeister Fiama Bella

Sire:  Hemlock Trails Bel Leone
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~ Queens of the TempleDolls Ragdolls Pride ~
Greek lettering for "Sophia"
NC State genetic tested HCM -/- 
blood tested FelV/FIV negative
Records provided to clients.
Parents  HCM -/-
Lotus has joined the Templedolls family as our  foundation queen.  She is a stunning Blue-mitted girl with a blaze, and a BIG girl at about 13 lbs. Like all Ragdolls, she is never to far from the family, and is quick to come when she is called.  Lotus is the floppiest Ragdoll I have ever seen.  She also has the finest coat of all of our Rags.  She's our most obedient girl with a very soft voice.  She is a WONDERFUL mother.  I'll definitely keep a daughter out of Lotus and Poe before I retire her.  She and Poe produce and raises stunning ragdoll kittens!
Lotus' Bloodlines

Dam:  Crack O' Noon Tiny Dancer

Sire:  Overland Trails Derringer

Lotus of Temple Dolls
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Willow of Templedolls

NC State genetic testedHCM -/-
blood tested FelV/FIV negative
Records provided to clients.
Parents HCM -/-

Willow is a stunning seal bicolor and foundation queen of Temple Dolls.  She has a regal and princess-like personality.  She is petite (though she birthed the largest TempleDolls kitten to date, and always has big babies), and has the most AMAZING round sapphire eyes that she got from her father. She is very floppy and friendly and is always head butting the family and the other Ragdolls.  Willow is doing great as a mother, and her kittens are phenomenal... she has mostly show quality kittens with Poe.
Willow's Bloodlines
Dam: Crackonoon Cleopatra

Sire:  Ragalong Picasso 
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Purrfectdolls Sophia of TempleDolls
Selkie of Templedolls
NC State genetic tested HCM -/-
blood tested FelV/FIV negative
records provided to clients
Parents both recently tested HCM -/- NC State

A Seal-Mitted Lynx!

Selkie is our beautiful lynx queen.  She is sweet sweet sweet. We raised her from a baby and couldn't love her more. Gentle spirit.  Talkative. Playful. Amazing coat and eyes!  We can't say enough good about her.  We are so thrilled with our her. She is a beautiful gemstone!  Her babies with Poe are simply phenomenal.  PLUS... we get a few lynx babies every year! 
Selkie's Bloodlines

Dam:  Ragmeister Annie (not pictured)

Sire:  Soulmates Michael
Nova of TempleDolls
NC State genetic tested HCM -/- 
blood tested FelV/FIV negative
Records provided to clients
Parents HCM -/-

A Blue-Mitted
Miss Nova has us from LittleApple Ragdolls in Kansas.  We are very excited about this sweet beauty!!  We looked for the same wonderful quality as we have in the past.  Health, temperament, beauty, and flop! I am very selective about the head structure of my breeders, and I love her profile and skull structure (that sounds silly I know). She joined the family at the end of June, 2013.  Nova and Poe produce thee most striking ragdolls I have ever seen.  Perfect show after perfect show. Nova is sweet as pie, and has such a wonderful motherly instinct. Here is the description that Andra from Little Apple provided:  

"Nova is a beautiful blue mitted girl with a small blaze. Nova loves to play with the younger kittens, it is one of her favorite past times. She also loves to sleep near us - on the bed or on my head :-). The bathtub is one of her favorite places to play, she likes to slide around in it. She also likes the little cheese chaser toy a lot! She gets along very well with everyone she meets and likes to be in the same room with me. She especially likes to help me with what I'm doing. She has a wonderfully soft and full fur coat, it's also one of the longest coats we have. She is like a soft puff ball. We love it!"

Nova has blessed us with several magnificent ragdoll babies with Poe.  We are raising a daughter of hers as a future queen of Templedolls. 
Nova's Bloodlines

Dam:  Pidepipurr Caroline

Sire:  (RW Supreme Grand Champion) Rags2Riches Stormy
Ruby of TempleDolls 
A full sister of Selkie
NC State genetic tested HCM -/-
blood tested FelV/FIV negative
records provided to clients
parents HCM -/-
Living with TempleDolls partner, Christie. :)
Living with TempleDolls partner, Christie. :)
Our sweet Ruby girl is a seal-mitted darling whom we have raised from a baby. :)  She has a wonderful, playful and sweet disposition and loves to spend time with her humans.  She is a young queen, and her babies are cherished by their families.  Floppy with a wonderful bunny coat and the darkest sapphire blue eyes in our cattery. Such a doll.