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I wanted to take a moment to extend my sincere gratitude. First to my beautiful ragdolls... my darling felines... I cherish each and every one of you and I do seriously bow to the opportunities your lives have provided for our family. I know I joke in our house to the kids, the dogs, the cats that nobody here gets a free lunch!! But seriously. To so many, "just a cat" has provided more than words can provide in these past years. I have worked my ass almost into the ground to grow this cattery, support the healthy development of my children, keep a roof over our heads... Sophia, Lotus, Poe, Willow, Nova, Selkie, and Ruby. Our growing queens Amber, Bonnie, and Raven.  We are blessed blessed blessed by each of you and you are not taken for granted. 

To the members of the Templedolls family, current and future, we thank you so much for your support in our program here. We know you have many breeders to choose from, and each of you made the choice to support my family and my work and I'm not sure you will ever know what that support has meant to us. 

TempleDolls is growing the dream of the women's co-op.  A dream that started a few years ago... to be in a position to teach these skills to other, trusted women... to raise TempleDolls babies underfoot in their own home (under my constant contact and mentorship).  This partnership helps in many ways.  While empowering another Colorado mom and friend, it helps us to meet the demands of our clientele.  It helps to maintain the mental health of our breeders (preventing over population of the cattery) and ensures adequate time to focus on the socialization and healthy development of the kittens. 

I am a clinical social worker currently serving at a large, community non-profit, mental health agency as a child and family therapist -- specializing in interpersonal trauma.  I am humbled and blessed to do this work. 

So, I know I teach my clients about the therapeutic value of the ragdoll in the home. And it is exactly the same for my children and me. It is because of your trust and support that you are not only supporting our program, our ragdolls, and my family... but you are supporting a person who will walk with others -- bear witness to the grit, the pain, the personal shame, trauma, and struggles of fellow human beings (many of them children); and who might help to empower those people seek solutions, and gain skills and knowledge to better their lives. So you are, in essence, helping so many people whose stories you will never know.

From the bottom of my heart. Thank you thank you thank you. Namaste. Janet.
Thank you!!