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Colorado Ragdoll Kittens Available for Adoption
Last updated: 12/14/2019
These babies have been well-bred, well-fed, well-socialized, and raised under foot with 100% organic pure love.  

Kittens have all been given a clean bill of health by our veterinarian, and received all of the  contracted early veterinary care. 

These bubs are ready for adoption, and are seeking their furever families.

Please review our "adoption fees" page, for detailed fee information.

If you would like to inquire about adoption, please send an email to TempleDolls@yahoo.com.

You may also send us a message us on the facebook page.

Please do not make a non-refundable deposit on a kitten if you have not read this website, in its entirety.  Impulse decisions are not recommended.

There are 4 kittens featured on this page.
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Non-Refundable Kitten Deposit
Click here to place a deposit on a kitten.
Please view our current kitten calendar on the nursery page.  We are currently accepting waitlist deposits for our 2020 babies. Available kittens are updated to this page AFTER they are made available for adoption by families on our waitlist on our scheduled, in-person, adoption days.
The Kindred/Poe Spring 2018 bubs.  All adopted and happy in their furever homes.
Baby Joan
DOB: 08/30/19
Traditional Seal Colorpoint
Daughter of Cypress and Cairo
Adoption fee:
Baby Maui
DOB: 09/15/19
Chocolate point
Son of Gaia and Sky
Adoption fee: $2,000
Baby Kona
DOB:  09/15/19
Chocolate-Mtted with a Blaze
Daughter of Gaia and Sky
Adoption fee:  $1,750
Baby Kauai
DOB: 09/15/19
Chocolate-Mitted with a Blaze
Daughter of Gaia and Sky
Adoption fee: $1,750